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LAFA Books

LAFA is the Design & Material Research Lab of  

LAFA Books_mixed2022.jpeg

mix & match your favourite prints, patterns & colours to design the book that's right for you.

Pairing modern design, quality craftsmanship and the use of found, repurposed & responsibly sourced materials, we aim to create simple everyday objects that lead to lasting memories, not landfills.

Made to order from the simplest high quality materials, we cut, print, punch & stitch every item in-house.



LAFA blanks

Designed with you in mind, this simple yet sophisticated range of books & stationery items provide the perfect canvas for each & every journalling style.

LAFA BLANKS_mix&match_14.jpeg

See who we've been binding books with...

LAFA BLANKS_mix&match_18.jpeg

From company logos & limited edition prints to one-of-a kind hand painted artworks, our LAFA blanks were created to be customized.

Explore our LAFA blank book styles...

So whether you are an artist, a brand or simply looking for a new notebook or unique gift idea, we'd love to bind books with you!


Because we believe in crafting beautiful everyday objects that let you to fill in the rest...

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