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Unspoken Monochrome | Bliss | #1

Pages are yours to fill and colours to play with, may you find your bliss.



Unspoken Monochrome is the result of a 2 year evolving body of work, compiled into a collection of visual poetry sketchbooks.


Designed & illustrated by LAFA co-founder Sach Gangadharan, this series allows the seeker to dive into and explore their own creativity & mental state as they move through the book.


Handmade to order, each A6 sized perfect bound book is printed on high quality 100 GSM recycled cotton paper with a 300 GSM recycled Kraft cover & case.




Find more of Sach's artwork and images from the UNSPOKEN MONOCHROME collection on his instagram @sachworks

Unspoken Monochrome | BLISS | #1 - Visual Poetry Sketch Book

  • Cover Details:

    • Soft Cover
    • 300 GSM Recycled cotton handmade papaer
    • In-house ink-jet black & white artprint

    Interior Page Details:

    • 100 GSM Recycled cotton handmade paper
    • In-house ink-jet black & white artprint

    Binding Details:

    • A6 Perfect bind

    Artworks by Sach Gangadharan

    Published by LAFA

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