The LAFA Special is quite simply a pairing our three true loves: art, packaging & book binbing


Using repurposed packaging board, Sach's black & white prints and simple cotton cord, we bring to life one of our favourite signature book styles.


Available in various sizes depending on the packaging available, these books are a true mix of our personal passions for material & design. A seemingly simple combination that carries with it the essence of our  company's philosophy:




The artwork used to define each section of this notebook is pulled from Sach's database of black & white sketches. A series of work by the name of Unspoken Monochrome.


Cover Details:

  • Uncovered packaging board

Interior Page Details:

  • Blank 100 GSM handmade recycled cotton paper
  • #UnspokenMonochrome art print sectionals (2 inch strips to 3/4 page width)

Binding Details:

  • Coptic stitch bind with waxed cotton thread

LAFA Special