Why books?

I have been collecting cloth for as long as I can remember.

From multiple metres fresh off the roll to the tiny remains of worn & torn clothing and past sewing projects, to one-of-a kind handwoven works of art. Each piece safely kept in one suitcase or another, awaiting its purpose. For one day I hoped to reuse these fabrics and for what I assumed would have to be clothing.

And yet, something never felt quite right and 
I slowly began to realise and accept the fact that fashion was not where I wanted to end up.


So after more than a decade of trial & error, one unrealised business idea after another, the thought finally occurred to channel all of my curiosity for materials & making into the one practice I have consistently kept - journaling.

I bought my first journal at the age of 18.


I am sure there would have been others earlier in my life, but this was the one that marked the beginning of a practice that would quickly become an integral part of who I am.

Now in my 30's, I can confidently say that I have compiled quite a library. Some found throughout my travels, others gifted from friends & family. Always finding their way into my hands just as the other was coming to an end. And of course more recently, those I learnt to make for myself.
 Mind you, not all of which I am so proud of... haha.

From coverless collections of paper haphazardly stitched together using scraps found in the recycling bin to the first notebook I felt confident enough to sell, it's been a slow and steady journey - one signature & stitch at a time.

Intertwined - an exploration in cloth & conversations

Here begins my endeavour to share this love of hand bound books with you...

Designed & made in Goa

by LAFA co-founder Sonja Coates